“New Season… New Blog”

Ok, so I have decided to start “Shardeya” all over again, I believe that right now I am going through a season of CHANGE. Things around me are changing; I’m Changing, My Environment is changing, My Circle is slightly changing. It’s like I’m entering into a new season in life and I’m not too sure what the season will bring but I’m looking forward to the journey.

So keeping in with the season of change, I decided that I need to change up my blog and start all over again.

 “Shardeya” is just a reflection of some aspects of my life, some of my thoughts and opinions, things I like and things I don’t like. Nothing too personal and nothing 100% serious either, I just hope that my posts will encourage, inspire and motivate you to become the person that you are destined to be.


Shardeya x

P.s. I have left some of my previous posts that I thought you might enjoy and I forgot to mention that the tagline of my blog is one of my mottos for 2015:

Live.Laugh.Love.DreamBig.Dance” –  Live wellLaugh oftenLove much. Dream Big and Dance like no one is watching”


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