Goodbye 2015.. Welcome 2016


How would you describe your 2015?

If I had to describe my 2015, I think it would definitely be the year of CHANGE , which is funny because at the start of the year, I remember writing a post about changing up my blog because I felt like I was experiencing a season of Change and that is exactly what 2015 was all about.

The first half of the year, I did struggle a bit with some of the changes going on  in my life and it did take me time to adjust. I guess sometimes we don’t want things to change because we are unsure of what the future has in store for us. We are unsure of whether or not we will be able to cope and adjust to the Change but you know what, sometimes Change is not a bad thing. Change can be the start of a beautiful journey towards fulfilling your purpose.

The second half of 2015, was definitely a better half of the year for me and even though it is not ending as expected, with something unexpected recently happening, I just thank God that I made it this far. I thank God that I embraced Change and tried out something different, I thank God for the doors he closed because it can only mean that he has something bigger and better for me on the other side of a brand new sparkling door.

As I prepare to step into 2016, I’m still experiencing Change but I’m embracing it and as you step into 2016, don’t be afraid of CHANGE, embrace it and run with it as well.

I pray 2016, is nothing but an amazing year, may it be BIGGER and BETTER than 2015.. Yes you may face bad days but the good days will outweigh your bad days, so you know what embrace  Change in 2016 and do something different. Say Yes to something you might not usually do or say No to something that you are fed up of doing and don’t feel bad closing doors on things, people or situations that needs to stay in 2015 so that you can move victoriously into 2016.

Make it a WINNING Year..!

I look forward to sharing my journey with you all in 2016. I hope I will have more time to blog next year.

Shardeya x

P.s. Remember  “Live.Laugh.Love.DreamBig.Dance” –  Live wellLaugh oftenLove much. Dream Big and Dance like no one is watching”


Chapter 9 of 12

FullSizeRender (1)

YAY! My Favourite month of the year, Birthday Month…

As much as I love September its also a reminder that Summer is literally over.. *Sad Face*.  But we can’t let the cold weather and dark nights stop us from having fun, still plenty things to do that can make Autumn and Winter more bearable.

But hey Summer still doesn’t officially end till the 23rd September, so make the most of September, have fun and enjoy! cause I definitely plan to enjoy this month.

Shardeya x

Music: Wizkid + Skepta + Drake – Ojuelegba Remix

Wizkid Skepta Drake Ojuelegba Remix

“I’m feeling good tonight..”

Two of my favourite artists (Wizkid and Skepta) on one of my favourite tracks plus also featuring Drake.. Crazy!!

Listen down below and let me know what you think…

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Shardeya x



This morning I felt led to encourage a young lady and remind her that “Prayer Changes Things!”

Don’t be afraid to give your plans to God and watch him turn things around for your good.

Sometimes we make a plan and things do not work out, sometimes we make a plan, give it to God in prayer and it still may not go according to plan but that doesn’t mean God has forgotten us, he just has something better in store for us.

I’ve learnt to understand that his way is not my way, to have faith and trust in his timing.

Therefore I would encourage you to write down your plan, goal or vision, give it to God in prayer and watch him open doors like never before. You will start to see that God had a bigger plan for you and you achieved more than you originally set out to achieve.

Remember: A praying woman is a powerful woman

Shardeya x

Afrobeats City Meets Patoranking Interview


If like me, you’re a fan of Afrobeats then make sure you check out the interview I recently done with African Dancehall artist, Patoranking for Afrobeats In Da City. (Click the image to be redirected to the interview)

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Shardeya x



Hey guys!

It’s been a while? My regular blogging has not been going to plan and I’ve been slipping on my Midweek Motivation *BIG SIGH*… As a matter of fact, I didn’t even post one Midweek Motivation during April!! *Double BIG SIGH*

April was a busy month, it went so quick that I can’t even remember half of the things I done but any way we thank God for the month of April and I look forward to what May has in store.

So as we step into the month of May and even closer to Summer *YAY*, I wish you all a fruitful month. May this month be a month of Open Doors, Favour and Restoration.

Make May a month to remember, do something special, do something different, Explore, Step out of your comfort zone, Step out in Faith and don’t be afraid walk alone if need be… Most Importantly Walk into your PURPOSE!!

Shardeya x